Waggle Family Magazine

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Our Beginning

It all started when…

Our family moved to Longmont in 2017 and fell in love with this unique place! We love how the St. Vrain Valley community is full of authentic people, beautiful surroundings, and amazing businesses. We decided that we wanted to build on these strengths and make it an even better place for every St. Vrain family.

As we looked around for a need we could fill, we saw that families, businesses, and local organizations needed a better way to communicate with each other. Our mission became connecting local families to the best non-profit resources and local businesses that our community has to offer. So, we created Waggle Family Magazine!


St. Vrain Valley has amazing nonprofits and local businesses- let us be your guide.


Waggle Family Magazine offers features on a range of topics important to today’s parents. All of our articles provide readers with useful information to help them raise healthy families. Many of the articles are contributed by non-profits and professionals from the St. Vrain Valley.


Our Mission

“Here is what we know: Strong communities are built with healthy families, engaged schools, active nonprofits, and thriving local businesses. ”

Waggle St. Vrain


Why ‘Waggle’?

The Waggle Dance is a special figure-of-eight dance that is done by the honeybee in its hive. This is how honeybees communicate with each other to direct them to the nectar.

We 'Waggle' to increase communication between St. Vrain Valley families, businesses, and nonprofits so everyone can find the nectar- greater access to savings, resources, and customers.