The Lakewood Foundation

The Lockwood Foundation is a collaboration of professionals, donors, volunteers and like-minded individuals who want to impact the community by making the outdoors more accessible. They are dedicated to making adventure accessible to people of all incomes and abilities. The Lockwood Foundation facilitates getting individuals and groups with physical or financial limitations on outdoor adventures at no cost whatsoever. The program is run purely through volunteers, contributions, and donations.

The Lockwood Foundation is building its charity through adventure. They are building an inventory and gear supply so that they can outfit and guide groups that otherwise do not have the income, equipment, or ability to do so on their own.

Interested in getting more information or helping out? They are always looking for help. This can come in the form of a used gear donation, sponsorship donations, or volunteering your time at their events and outings.

Looking for: Volunteers, professional services (legal, accounting, tax), donations for adaptive equipment, visibility.

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