Special Needs

Families with children who have special needs can get much needed help.

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The children with special needs program

The Children with Special Needs Program assists families of children with special health care needs from birth to age 21. The CSNP provides care coordination services for families with infants and children who were born prematurely or have special health care needs, supports families with a child with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and connects families to appropriate community resources, as well as provide families with child health and developmental needs information.

Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


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The Exceptional Student Services Unit at Colorado Department of Education plans conferences throughout the year that are family-centered and designed to offer support, information, and education to parents and professionals. We call these gatherings PEP Conferences!

Three PEP Conferences are offered throughout the school year - one in the fall, one in winter and one in the spring. The purpose of these conferences is to bring Colorado parents (might include an adoptive parent(s), grandparent(s) or other relative(s), or a single parent) and professionals together to allow them an opportunity to share ideas, discuss concerns, celebrate success, and obtain information relating to parenting, educating and supporting a child with a disability. PEP and its conferences promote partnerships that are essential in supporting and including children with disabilities and their families in schools and the community.

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Imagine! provides services designed to incorporate people with developmental, cognitive, and physical challenges into the fabric of their communities. Services include educational and therapeutic services, job training and placement, recreation and leisure activities, opportunities for community living, behavioral health services, technology solutions, and support for families.