Our Partners


St. Vrain Valley Families

There are AMAZING resources in our communities to help families be healthy, save money, have fun and learn something new. Waggle St. Vrain makes sure families know what is available, where to go, and how to access these resources in one convenient place. We encourage local families to submit events and resources so we can all share the nectar.



Waggle St. Vrain works closely with the St. Vrain School District to make sure that they have a an additional resource to get their most up-to-date information out to St Vrain Families. We also regularly feature teachers who are doing amazing things in their classrooms, programs that innovate education, and ways our community can support our schools.


Local Businesses

Waggle St. Vrain knows that a strong local business community means a thriving community for our families and nonprofits. We give businesses the tools they need to most effectively reach local families.


Local Nonprofits

The St. Vrain Valley is a community that helps others. Waggle St. Vrain strives to make sure that area nonprofits can get information to the families who need resources.