Waggle St. Vrain Trail Guide

Twice yearly publication released every March and August, full of savings and discounts at local businesses. Each Trail Guide has offers that are good for six months. Classrooms, Teams, and Clubs sell the Waggle Trail Guide to local families. Each Waggle Trail Guide costs only $30- with $20 of each book sold going directly to the fundraising group.

Our Waggle Trail Guide fundraiser program is an easy and fun way to raise money for your class, team, or organization.  

Our Waggle Trail Guide is full of the best deals at local businesses, BOGO free restaurant offers, shopping, dining, health, beauty, household goods and services. 

It's the easy way to earn money for your classroom, group, or non-profit! Waggle Trail Guide is a no-risk fundraiser- each book is sold through consignment. 

The Waggle Trail Guide is a perfect way to advertise and reach St Vrain Families. It will increase foot traffic at your business, while showing you are a community partner! We make tracking coupon redemption easy so you can see how effective your advertising with us is.

We are also working with the St. Vrain Valley School District to provide a FREE Waggle Trail Guide to every teacher in the school district.

Waggle St. Vrain Resource Guide

Coming in Spring of 2020!

Waggle St. Vrain Resource Guide is sent provided to every St Vrain School district teacher. It’s published in April, June, September, and November and is chock-full of articles about local resources and businesses. Our teachers are in the best position to know which students need access to each resource provided within our community. By making sure that teachers have a comprehensive listing of these resources and what they have to offer, we are making sure St. Vrain families and kids are getting the things they need to be healthy and happy.

2,000 additional copies of Waggle St. Vrain Resource Guide are distributed around the community at doctor's offices, coffee shops, libraries, and non-profits.

Each Issue Includes:

  • Informative articles from local non-profits

  • Advertising from local family friendly businesses and organizations

  • Articles from local doctors with family friendly advice for physical and mental wellness. 

Waggle St. Vrain SOCIAL MEDIA

We harness the power of social media to increase the visibility of local businesses and non-profits to the families of St. Vrain Valley. We post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram t to bring the community together. We hold monthly Facebook contests where families can win gift certificates from our advertisers. 

Every month we shine the light on innovative educators in our community, offer tips for healthier families, and we have the most comprehensive listing of resources and activities for Longmont families.

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