Local Music

As our community continues to grow, it’s becoming a great place to hear amazing local musicians. Many of these hopping venues offer a variety of live music multiple nights a week. Tap your toes and get into the rhythm at these local venues!


Dickens Opera House

With open mic nights, occasional dance nights, and shows, the Dickens Opera House is a unique venue located right in downtown Longmont. On the first floor is the Dickens Tavern, open for lunch and dinner. If the names of both sound familiar, it might be because the building was built by William Henry Dickens, a relative of the well-known author Charles Dickens. Check out their website for the upcoming shows and events. http://www.dickensoperahouse.com/


Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues states their core values as, “Craft Beer, Fresh Ingredients, Live Music and our Family & Friends.” From their Mountain Music Mondays to their open mic nights, their live music calendar is always full! To see all their events, click here.


The Roost

The Roost is all about local, quality food and craft beer. All of their meats and breads are from local sources with stories they are happy to share with their customers.  The amazing food sets a great atmosphere to relax and listen to their variety of live bands. There’s no cover for their live music events, so check out their calendar here and plan a time to stop by!