Boulder county healthy kids

Boulder County Healthy Kids and Adults is a program to improve the community’s health by linking all eligible children, adults, families and pregnant women in Boulder County to available benefits and health coverage options. Our mission is to ensure that every resident in Boulder County has health insurance coverage, access to health care, and access to streamlined SNAP enrollment and retention.

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Boulder county 4H

The 4-H (focus on the head, hands, heart and health) is a nonprofit organization that provides out-of-school educational programs focused on agriculture, animal care, home economics, energy conservation, and recreation. Life skills such as communication, citizenship, decision-making, leadership, interpersonal relations and community and global awareness are developed through program participation. Parents also volunteer with the program to support their children.

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Longmont City Family success

Do you need help with your child?

The Children, Youth and Families parenting programs assist parents in learning techniques to deal with day to day issues that come up within the family structure. Parents will learn skills on how to support their pre-teen and teens, and youth will learn important refusal skills.

Programs are offered at no cost to families.
We will provide dinner and child care for NO COST.

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