Frequently Asked Questions


How Do We Help St. Vrain Families?

There are AMAZING resources in our community to help families be healthy, save money, have fun and learn something new. Waggle St. Vrain makes sure families know what is available, where to go, and how to access these resources in one convenient place.

How Do We Help Businesses?

Local businesses have the best products and services and Waggle St. Vrain has The PERFECT Customer Audience- families who want to support local businesses. Advertising with Waggle shows that you are a business who wants to create a strong community. We help you get customers into your business with print, online and social marketing. 

How Do We Help Schools, Teams, and Organizations?

Our Waggle Trail Guide Fundraising Program is the perfect way for groups to raise the money they need. Each Waggle Trail Guide costs $30 and the fundraiser keeps $20. The Waggle Trail Guide Fundraising Program is easy and fun! Best of all? There is no upfront cost- every Trail Guide is provided to your group on consignment.

How Do We Help Non-Profits?

Each issue of the Waggle Resource Guide will feature articles from local non-profits. Non-Profits should be able to let the community know what resources they offer without having to pay to get that message out. We provide that opportunity to local non-profits. We also feature the important work non-profits do for our community on our social media sites.

How Do I Advertise With Waggle Lo.CO?

Give us a call to set up an appointment. We can go over everything we have to offer in a quick 15 minute meeting. We believe in no pressure sales- if you are a good fit for Waggle Lo.CO, and Waggle Lo.CO is a good for your business, we can Waggle Dance together to bring customers in your door. Contact us today to set up a time to talk.

How Can My Classroom, Team, or Club Use Waggle Lo.CO Passport to raise funds?

Contact us today- our fundraising program is simple and easy to use. We provide everything you need to raise money.

How Can My Non-Profit Use Waggle St. Vrain?

Having trouble making sure local families know what your organization has to offer? Want to save your money to actually do the important work you do for our community instead of paying for advertising? Call or email us today and we can let you know what the guidelines and process to use Waggle St. Vrain to get your message to the families who need it most.

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