waggle With Us…

Waggle Family Magazine was created with families in mind and designed to be the go-to resource to inform, serve and enrich families and parents. Each issue has fun family activities, expert parenting advice, and a wide variety of resources from local nonprofits.

Competitive rates: Our rates make advertising to the St. Vrain Valley a great option for businesses of all sizes. Our competitive pricing allows even small businesses to promote their products and services to potential customers throughout St. Vrain Valley. Advertisers can also save money by committing to more frequent advertising packages.

Targeted demographics: We are putting our magazines (and your advertisements) in the hands of one of the top consumer groups: PARENTS! Much of our editorial content is directed specifically at women who are 5:1 the key money spending decision makers in households.

Home Delivery Distribution: Readers don’t have to search all over town to find us (although they will find us if they want to). Waggle Family Magazine is delivered directly to the homes of your potential customers.

Credibility: Research shows that magazines are perceived to be highly credible, believable and trustworthy sources of information. Because Waggle Family Magazine serves as a resource to parents and families, content (including ads within the magazine) will have high credibility to our targeted readers. Each issue also features articles specifically for families from our local nonprofits. It is important to Waggle that our nonprofits have a way to get their message out to the St. Vrain community.

Market Concentration: 40,000 copies of Waggle Family Magazine are delivered directly to families’ mailboxes, making this a great option for advertising. In addition to those distributed by direct mail, Waggle Family Magazine is strategically placed in locations where parents spend time reading magazines and collecting information (including hair salons, fitness centers, physician and dental offices, preschools, libraries and more).

Longer Shelf Life: Opposed to a direct mail ad or an insert that lives for only two or three days with the newspaper, Waggle Family Magazine provides extensive family-related information with expert advice on parenting, health, entertainment and other resource tools that will inspire readers to hold on to their copy for future reference.

Build Relationships: Magazines are the most personal media. Readers build relationships with Waggle Family Magazine, and by advertising you can strategically become a part of that relationship.

Free publication: Waggle Family Magazine is distributed four times a year for free in order to be a true resource to families of the St. Vrain Valley and to keep parents informed on parenting topics and family-friendly local events.

Quality product: Waggle Family Magazine is an beautiful 8”X10”, full-color magazine that parents enjoy reading cover to cover – a perfect option for advertising!

Interactive website and social media: Waggle Family Magazine is connected with our readers through a robust social media presence. Our website is a valuable reference tool for families to access all of the printed information (and your ads), additional articles, family fun activities, and our resource guides around the clock. Marketing your business just got easier with Waggle Family Magazine.

The following advertising opportunities exist within Waggle Family Magazine:

  • Display advertising in quarterly publication

  • Directory advertising (print and online)

  • Website advertising (online ads/directory listings/deal of the day links)

  • E-newsletter advertising and coupons

  • Sponsorship/ Contests on our social media